Redoing Failed Hair Transplant Treatment in Delhi,India

Redoing Failed Hair Transplant Surgery of a Patient from Turkey at Sarayu Hair Restoration Clinics

Redoing Failed Hair Transplant Surgery of a Patient from Turkey at Sarayu Hair Restoration Clinics

Remarkable ways to recover from failed Hair Transplant Surgery

In the medical field, hair transplantation is a form of art. It necessitates a great deal of skill and knowledge. With the advancement of time and technology, many hair transplant clinics are now offering hair transplant procedures. Unfortunately, the majority of them are unfamiliar with the subject. Poor outcomes, patient dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and depression are a byproduct of it as result of this.

Many of our patients come to Sarayu Hair Restoration Clinics after having failed hair transplant surgeries at other clinics. Because of the depletion in the donor area, scarring, and previous bad hairline designs, correcting these failed hair transplants is always a challenge. The client’s sense of hopelessness is another factor that tests the doctor’s ability to redo the transplant.

The options we offer are as follows: While hair transplant procedures can fail, there is still a way to fix it!

1.) Patients with a depleted donor area may benefit from body hair.
2.) FUT can be used to ensure that a sufficient amount of good-quality hair is extracted from the patient, resulting in amazing results.
3.) A bad frontal hairline can be completely redesigned using the FUE technique and relocation of the wrong grafts, which we can improve by combining all of these techniques, and the results are shown in the video.

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