Burn Victim Female Hair Transplant by Dr Adarsh Tripathi in Delhi

Burn Victim Female Hair Transplant | Restoring Hair of Woman who lost hair due to burn marks

Burn Victim Female Hair Transplant | Restoring Hair of Woman who lost hair due to burn marks


Burn Victim Hair Transplants in Delhi

Dr. Adarsh Tripathi specializes in hair transplantation for burn victims and is passionate about restoring patients’ self-esteem. He only performs surgery on one patient per day, which allows him to pay close attention to every detail. Hair transplantation is performed by Dr. Tripathi on both children and adults. Dr. Adrash Tripathi may be able to help you re-grow your hair if you’ve had burns on your scalp.

What Is a Hair Transplant for Burn Victims?

Hair restoration for burn victims is a surgical procedure in which your existing hair is moved to an area where there is little or no hair. Many burn victims lose hair on their scalps and may need to have their hair follicles transplanted.

The majority of Dr. Adarsh Tripathi’s hair restoration surgeries are follicular unit transplant (FUE), which entails removing small clusters of hair from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area (bald area of the head). The hairs will appear smooth and natural in the recipient area of the scalp because they are naturally occurring units.

Dr. Adrash Tripathi starts the hair transplant for burn victims procedure by injecting a local anaesthetic into the donor area of the scalp and extracting each hair one by one incase using FUE Technique. He then uses a micro needle to insert the follicular units after injecting anaesthetic into the recipient area.

Many of these patients, particularly those with burns that cover large areas and are more severe, face a long road to regaining their normal appearance. However, having those details, such as a normal hairline and hair, can make all the difference in psyche healing.

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