Laser Scar Reduction Treatment in Delhi

Laser Scar Removal Treatment in Delhi

Laser Scar Removal Treatment in Delhi by Dr. Adarsh Tripathi Facial Plastic Surgeon | Scar Reduction


Sarayu Laser Scar Removal Clinics in Delhi is the only clinic in the country that provides a dedicated and advanced treatment for acne scars using a variety of lasers, including Erbium Glass and Co2 Fractional. Acne Scar Free is a program that combines laser sessions with other allied treatments to support scar removal at various depths ranging from superficial to deep, allowing us to treat all types of scars, as well as growth factor infusions to stimulate the skin to produce healthy new skin.

It is extremely effective at stimulating collagen production, which results in scars being elevated and almost all types of scars and lines being improved. It encourages younger skin to emerge, giving your skin a dramatically rejuvenated appearance. Additionally, removing blemishes and giving your skin the perfect makeover lightens the color and texture of your skin. When combined with numbing cream, this procedure is almost painless and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

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