Liquid Rhinoplasty | Non Surgical Nose Job in Delhi

What are the options for Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Treatment?

You could either
a.) have a rhinoplasty or
b.) that was it if you wanted a new nose—smaller, straighter, smoother—just a few years ago.

You didn’t have any other options. However, with the popularity of injectable fillers came an off-label application capable of completely changing your appearance in under 15 minutes: the non-surgical nose job. A doctor like Dr. Adarsh Tripathi can correct curves, bumps, and lumps in your nose using the same hyaluronic acid gels used on lips and cheeks, making your nose appear smaller (even though it’s technically getting bigger).

If you wanted a better nose a few years ago, your only option was rhinoplasty or going under the knife. However, HA Filler injections into the nasal bridge are now used to create a well-defined, sharp nose. These fillers can easily correct humps and bumps on the nose as well as a flat nose without surgery.

It takes up to two years for the effect to wear off. Nonsurgical nose jobs cannot make a nose smaller, but they can help correct flaws and conceal troublesome areas. Hyaluronic acid fillers have an advantage over other fillers in that they can be dissolved in as little as 2-4 hours if the effect isn’t to your liking. The effect lasts at least two years when done on the nose.

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