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Types of Facial Treatments – How to pick the right one?

Facials are one of the most effective ways for anyone to unwind and rejuvenate their skin. You’ll understand what I mean when I say that after a long week, we all look forward to the relaxing experience of a facial.

Did you know, however, that there are numerous types of facials, each with its own purpose and effects? Others hydrate and brighten the skin while others cleanse it. Some aid in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, while others aid in the reduction of pigmentation.

What are the different types of facials?

There are two main types of facials. They are:

Medi-facial :

Medi-facials are medical-grade facials that are tailored to the specific skin needs and goals of each patient. They are goal-oriented facials that are designed to repair, restore, brighten, or revitalize specific problems. There is no need for recovery time after this painless procedure, and results are often visible right after you leave the clinic.

I created and designed a line of Medi-facials to help with a variety of skin issues, which are available at The Sarayu Skin Clinics. The SuperJet Facial, Delhi Brightening Facial, Bombay Infusion Facial, Delhi Hollywood Laser Peel, Anti-clock Facial, and many others are among them. These usually only last about an hour on average. These Medi-facials deliver radiant, youthful, and revitalized skin almost instantly, thanks to high-speed micro-jet sprays and exotic ingredients like licorice and Scutellaria; Vitamin C cleansing milk and enzymatic face peels.

Acne facial :

This facial is designed to calm and reduce the appearance of active acne and pimples. Many of my patients at Sarayu Skin Clinics in Delhi have seen incredible results from the Acne Healing Facial. This is a five-step programme that will help you reduce redness, inflammation, and acne. To remove makeup and dirt, start with a vitamin C-rich cleansing milk, then exfoliate and clean oil glands with a high-speed micro-jet. Following that, I use photodynamic light therapy to increase blood flow, improve lymphatic circulation, and decrease inflammation; light therapy is known to promote natural cell healing and renewal.

The epidermis is then treated with an acne deep peel, which uses an oxygen water spray to deliver pulsated oxygen to the skin. The peel reduces acne while the oxygen rejuvenates and heals the skin. Finally, no-needle pressure oxygen injections of hyaluronic acid are used to strengthen skin cells. We finish with a specially formulated Korean face mask to brighten the skin even more.

What are the different types of facial treatments?

Facials include a variety of skin treatment procedures to help my patients achieve their unique skin goals. Let me walk you through some of the most popular facial brightening treatments.

Chemical peels – Chemical peels are available in a variety of concentrations and strengths to help gently peel away the top layer of skin while effectively tackling the dead cells on the face’s surface. These peels help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, remove surface scarring, even out pigmentation, and fight active acne. When it comes to treating wrinkles, chemical peels are also very effective. For my patients, I recommend a light or medium peel. Deep peels are no longer commonly used, and I personally do not recommend them.

At the Sarayu Skin Clinics, we offer a variety of peels that contain a variety of exotic and tried-and-true ingredients for effective skin rejuvenation. Black peel, Enzyme peel, Pumpkin peel, Yellow peel, Salicylic peel, Glycolic peel, Inno peel, and TCA peel are the most popular peels among my patients. Each one serves a distinct purpose. There is usually no downtime, and temporary side effects such as minor redness, skin sensitivity, and tenderness are entirely normal.

Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective facial treatments, involving the use of tiny crystals to sand away the top layer of dead skin cells from the face, revealing smoother, softer skin beneath. It’s one of the most effective ways to get rid of acne scars and age spots.

Microdermabrasion does not require any downtime. However, some post-procedure skin tenderness and redness are to be expected, and these are perfectly normal. After undergoing this non-invasive facial treatment, my patients have noticed a significant improvement in their skin’s appearance. Note that microdermabrasion has now been replaced by hydradermabrasion, a newer technique. This is also due to the fact that aggressive microdermabrasion can dry out and irritate the skin.

In comparison to microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion is less invasive. Water is used to treat the skin in this technique. This water is infused with peptides and serums that help to moisturise and cleanse the skin. The skin is cleansed of impurities using gentle suction in this procedure. All skin types can benefit from hydradermabrasion.

Laser facial – A laser facial can help clear the skin and give it a healthy glow. The dermatologist works on your skin with a combination of lasers, each with its own effect, to help bring out its best features by removing bacteria and stimulating collagen production. Laser facials can also be used to treat stubborn hyperpigmentation spots. The best part is that most laser facials are quick, taking only 15 minutes on average.

Hollywood Laser Facial – The Hollywood Laser Facial, as its name suggests, is favoured by Hollywood A-listers such as Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. This facial is an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin without the downtime that many laser treatments entail. The Hollywood Laser Facial starts with a Vitamin C-enhanced cleansing milk. After that, hydradermabrasion is used to remove dead skin cells and hydrate the skin. After that, a carbon peel is used to improve skin clarity, followed by a Q-switched laser treatment. After that, aloe vera is applied, and the treatment is finished with a hydrating mask to brighten the skin.

JetPeel facial – A non-invasive JetPeel facial creates a jet stream of micro-droplets that deeply penetrate the skin by combining a liquid, such as water, skin nutrients, and oxygen. This gently exfoliates the skin without irritating it. After cleansing the face, the JetPeel hand-piece delivers a customised solution in a concentrated stream to treat skin concerns such as milia, under eye circles, hyperhidrosis, and blackheads.

JetPeels are highly adaptable to the skin type and needs of each patient. They provide a no-needle, no-downtime skin treatment that helps to improve the texture and appearance of the skin dramatically. JetPeel is a safe and effective skin rejuvenation procedure that can be combined with other skin rejuvenation procedures such as laser resurfacing or chemical peels.

One of the most significant benefits of JetPeels is that it naturally hydrates and oxygenates the skin while simultaneously removing all impurities. The treatment improves skin circulation and gives it a natural glow. To make this treatment even more effective, I recommend a vitamin infusion.

Pumpkin facial – This facial uses pumpkin’s gentle, soothing, and incredibly beneficial properties to help give your skin a healthy glow. Vitamins A, C, zinc, and potassium are abundant in this vegetable, which help to fight free radicals and anti-oxidize. It provides essential nutrients to brighten your skin, promote collagen growth, and remove dead skin cells.At The Sarayu Skin Clinics in Delhi, we perform The Pumpkin Facial for advanced exfoliation and deep moisturization. This seven-step facial treatment uses crystal-free hydradermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and infuse and bathe the skin with water in about 45 minutes. The treatment’s star, a natural pumpkin peel, is then applied to improve overall texture, smoothness, and radiance and the skin’s clarity after treatment After that, a green tea neutralizer, a dry collagen mask, and a biopeptide rejuvenation serum are applied. For a fantastic glow, the facial concludes with an Omega 3 marine mask.

Vampire facial – This is another facial that is popular among Hollywood’s elite. Microdermabrasion is followed by a PRP treatment for a vampire facial. The platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood is applied to the skin in PRP. Growth factors in this plasma encourage the formation of new skin cells and aid in the healing process.

Men’s facial – A man’s skin has slightly different requirements than a woman’s. Men’s facials are designed to address specific skin issues that men face, such as razor burns, acne, and roughness. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and massage are common features of men’s facials. The products are not the same as those used by women, as they have a more masculine scent.

Fruit facial – A fruit facial is one that uses fruit acids like citric acid and glycolic acid to create its formula. Fruit facials are high in vitamins and aid in skin detoxification.

Gold facial – A gold facial includes a gold face mask in addition to the standard cleansing and exfoliation steps. While this type of facial is pricey, it is well worth it because gold is an antioxidant that leaves your skin glowing and free of sun damage.

HIFU facial – Ultrasound is used in the high-intensity focused ultrasound skin treatment to promote skin healing and rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production. The facial works on the layers of skin beneath the skin’s actual surface. This facial is appropriate for patients over the age of 30.

PRP facial – Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that involves injecting platelets from the patient’s blood into their skin using microneedling techniques. This aids in the regeneration of skin cells, which aids in the healing of the skin.

Diamond facial – This is a more expensive facial that is best for sensitive and damaged skin. By removing dead skin cells, a diamond facial peel helps to bring out your skin’s natural brightness.

Glass skin facial – This is one of the most recent facial trends, in which the skin is left with a glossy, glass-like texture. This facial is intensive and has multiple treatment levels. To achieve the translucent look, these levels require double cleansing as well as multiple layers of toner and other products, which must be maintained on a regular basis.

The Bombay Infusion Facial – This signature treatment hydrates the skin and enhances its natural radiance. Multiple levels of treatment, such as vitamin-enriched cleansers, hydra dermabrasion, skin peels, electroporation, and electro-osmosis, have been included in the infusion facial to ensure maximum efficacy. In this treatment, I also use aloe vera gel.

How do you decide on a specific facial treatment?

This is a question that many of my patients have asked me. They frequently wonder how to choose the best facial from the numerous options available. Making this decision, on the other hand, is dependent on a number of factors.

What kind of skin do you have, for example?

Is it oily, normal, or showing signs of ageing?

Do you have any skin conditions that are bothering you?

Are there any chemicals or natural substances that you are allergic to?

Is your skin light, medium, or dark in colour?

What are your skin’s objectives?

Do you want to focus on repairing sun damage or achieving acne-free skin?

The answers to these questions will assist you in selecting the most appropriate facial treatment for you.

Before recommending a particular line of treatment, I personally assess my patients’ skin, skin needs, medical history, physical condition, allergies, and other factors to ensure their overall well-being. However, it is recommended that you consult a professional dermatologist about your skin type and problems. Your dermatologist is the best person to help you choose a facial.


: I got my acne scars treatment from sarayu clinics and got amazing results. I am so happy to have gained so much confidence back. Thank yous O much Dr adarsh and Dr nidhi. These 2 are gem of a person I can't thank them enough. Perfect duo. The staff is also very polite an cooperative.

Nitesh kumar


: I went to Sarayu clinics along with my Friend for his Hair transplant Surgery 3 Months back . Dr Adarsh and Dr Nidhi explained us about the Surgery and solved our queries regarding same . My friend Arjun was very scared in the start but it was painless as I could see him (My friend Arjun ) literally enjoying music in the OT .also the team was very very polite n professional at same time .it’s been 3 months since his hair transplant surgery n we can see the results.New hair have grown enough and he is very Happy with it . Dr Adarsh did the wonderful job and Dr Nidhi cleared his doubts so nicely that he gathered the courage to go for it .Thanks to the Sarayu Clinics & Team.

Taniya Gill


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