Cat Eye Surgery

Look Fierce with Cats Eye Treatment

You’ve probably noticed one of the hottest new looks that everyone seems to be going for: cat eyes, if you follow social media influencers and Hollywood celebs. This natural-looking, yet stunning, eye shape has been spotted on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Mila Kunis, and it’s only getting more popular. While some people are born with cat-shaped eyes, the majority of us will need cosmetic enhancement to achieve this look.

Many women are looking for a more dramatic, longer-lasting solution than using makeup, eyeliner, and other tricks to give their eyes a more almond-like shape. Dr. Adarsh Tripati of Sarayu Clinics, an exceptional board-certified facial plastic surgeon, has perfected the surgical cat eye lift to help Delhi patients achieve the sexy, youthful, gorgeous eye shape they’ve always desired.

What is a canthoplasty?

You will most likely come across blepharoplasty when researching the various options for cosmetic or corrective eye shape surgery. While removing bulging undereye tissue and/or excess, droopy skin on the upper eyelids is certainly beneficial, the primary goal of this highly effective eyelid surgery is not to change the shape of the eye itself. Cat eye surgery, on the other hand, is a procedure that elongates the eye, lifts the outer corner, and creates a more almond or fox-like eye shape.

Cat eye lift, also known as canthoplasty, is a complex and delicate procedure that requires a plastic surgeon with extreme precision, knowledge, and experience to ensure natural-looking, yet striking, results. Dr. Adarsh takes great care to tailor cat eye surgery to each patient’s specific needs, goals, and concerns, as well as the patient’s age, ethnicity, skin type, anatomy, and overall face shape. Canthoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes between 15 to 20 mins, depending on whether or not other procedures are being performed at the same time.

Get the sexy cat-eye shape you’ve been dreaming of with canthoplasty eye surgery in Delhi

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, and especially when it involves such a prominent and delicate feature as your eyes, finding a plastic surgeon who is exceptionally qualified, skilled, and experienced is critical. Call Sarayu Clinics in Delhi today to schedule your online consultation with Dr. Adarsh Tripati, a highly sought-after board-certified plastic surgeon, and see for yourself why the cat eye lift is becoming the ultimate must-have!15