Lip Reduction Treatment

Lip Reduction Treatment

Larger, fuller lips have been popular in recent years, especially among young people; however, not everyone prefers their lips to be the focal point of their face. Lip reduction is ideal for those who believe their lips are out of proportion to the rest of their face.

Feel that the lips do not match their overall facial appearance, may benefit from the procedure. People who have had a bad experience with fillers may want to consider lip reduction.

There are numerous benefits to undergoing a lip reduction. This includes:

  • Size and appearance can be reduced as desired
  • Could change your smile
  • Asymmetric lips can also be fixed

Potential side effects, which can include:

  • Allergic reaction to the anesthesia
  • Swelling is very common
  • Numbness of the lips

The ideal candidate for lip reduction

All patients should be in good health and have realistic expectations for the procedure’s results.

We do not treat patients under the age of eighteen.

Smoking cessation or abstinence helps patients heal faster.

People who are unhappy with the size or shape of their upper or lower lips should consider this procedure. Individual ethnicity, gender, and age will also be considered, as some people may feel that their lips are overly ethnic. Lip reduction may also be beneficial for people whose lip augmentation has gone wrong.

A consultation with one of the surgeons is required prior to undergoing a lip reduction procedure. The consultation begins with an opportunity to discuss your thoughts, concerns, and expectations for the lip reduction procedure with your surgeon, as well as to ask any pertinent questions.

Types of lip reduction

  • Upper lip reduction
  • Lower lip reduction
  • Combined upper and lower lip reduction

Our facial plastic surgeons are highly experienced in performing lip reduction surgery on patients with a wide range of ethnicities.

Lip reduction cost

There are a number of a factors which will impact on the final cost of your lip reduction procedure:

  • Primary or revision lip correction
  • Upper lip or lower lip or combined upper and lower lip reduction
  • Complex reconstructive surgery such as after traumatic injury

Always remember that price should never be the determining factor when it comes to choosing the right provider for lip reduction. We feel that safety and quality of service should be your number one priority and instilling in you the confidence that our team will look after you before, during and after your procedure to the best of their ability.

Lip Size Reducion Treatment Results