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Don’t be concerned! – Face threading technology and the thread facelift are to thank for this. Deep creases, sagging skin, folds, and wrinkles appear as early as the age of 30 as our skin’s connective tissue thins, elastic fibres, and collagen begin to break down. As a result, deep creases, sagging skin, folds, and wrinkles appear. Don’t wait any longer to try the face threading treatment and reap the benefits!

What is a Face Thread?

Face threading is a quick and painless alternative to traditional facelift surgery. Face threading is designed to be less invasive; a face thread lift can reduce sagging around the jaw line, neck, and cheeks faster and with almost no risk, compared to the traditional surgical approach. A special type of face thread is used during the face thread lift procedure to discretely lift the facial tissues and reposition the skin after surgery.
In a contour thread lift, clear threads are used to hide surgical scars. Face threading, in general, produces noticeable results quickly, with less inconvenience and risk than other procedures. Face thread lifts are also relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional facelift surgery.

What is the Face Thread Lift Process?

The face thread lift procedure involves the use of polypropylene threads that are inserted beneath the skin of your face using a technique known as tunnelling. The threads are used to elevate the facial tissues, then pulled and anchored deeply in the tissues above the hairline with the other end. Scar tissues form around the anchored threads, anchoring your face’s skin and soft tissues in an elevated position.
Face threading is a cost-effective, safe, and convenient way to treat sagging jaws and cheeks.

Who is the ideal patient for this treatment?

It is our responsibility, as it is with every patient, to discuss all treatment options with them, whether or not we offer them. A patient seeking treatment for jowls should be given information on non-surgical and surgical treatment options. The best non-surgical treatment would be to volumize deflated areas, augment the chin and jawline as needed, and then transpose skin with suspension threads. Skin tightening devices, in combination with fillers and threads, can be effective.
Many types of threads are not suitable for patients with thin, crepe skin. To ‘prime’ the patient, skin tightening procedures or collagen-inducing fillers may be considered.


  1. It is known as a lunchtime procedure as it gets over in the same amount of time used for a lunch break (around an hour)
  2. We only use US FDA-approved and certified equipment to make sure you get the high-quality treatment to deliver the best results.
  3. The Threads used are also US FDA approved and can drastically show the difference in results.
  4. Thread Life at our Sarayu Clinics in Delhi is performed under Local Anesthesia
  5. It is a completely Painless procedure
  6. Results can be seen Immediately 
  7. The Results will last up to 1 and a half to 3 years.

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