With Triton laser hair removal, you can achieve the smooth and soft skin you’ve always desired. Triton is the only FDA-cleared device that allows for simultaneous firing of multiple wavelengths to treat the widest range of hair removal concerns. It is comfortable, fast, and effective for all skin tones.


What is the benefit of Laser Hair Removal?

Triton provides powerful hair removal. Unlike traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, bleaching, or using depilatory creams, which only provide temporary hair reduction, laser hair removal addresses the underlying cause of the problem and provides permanent hair reduction. Laser hair removal saves time and money in the long run. It can also relieve the pain and embarrassment caused by unsightly razor bumps.

  • Fast results, pain-free and effective
  • Fast – only five treatments
  • Guaranteed – 100% results or extra sessions free

Triton vs. Traditional Hair Removal Procedures


Let’s start with how Triton compares to traditional hair removal methods. Most commonly, these arise from having first tried Triton or laser hair removal in general.


Level of Pain

People’s first thoughts for hair removal are wax strips. These frequently dissuade people from having their hair removed. Popular culture has ingrained the notion that using wax to remove body hair is a painful and time-consuming procedure.

This has some validity. Most wax strips require immediate removal to ensure that all hair in the area is removed. Even when done slowly, peeling off the wax can cause some discomfort.

Other procedures, such as threading, can be painful if performed incorrectly. As the thread passes over your body or face, it can pinch your skin. People with sensitive skin may experience soreness as a result of the procedure.

Triton hair removal is far superior to these treatments. You still feel pain, but Triton’s cool contact technology immediately relieves it. You will only feel a slight sensation, but you can have topical anaesthetics applied all over your body or during a facial to alleviate this sensation.

Results After Treatment

When it comes to traditional hair removal procedures, the results can vary from one treatment to the next. Before the skin swells, wax strips can leave follicles behind. It’s a surefire way to get ingrown hairs, which can be extremely painful.

Ingrown hairs are also caused by shaving. Shaving can also cause hair to regrow thicker. If not treated immediately, it can make your skin look unappealing and cause itching.

You don’t have to worry about hair growing back when you use Triton. Triton targets all types of hair, from coarse to fine, and ensures complete hair removal in the targeted area.

Side Effects on Skin

While all treatments damage your skin, Triton laser hair removal offers fewer side effects. Depilatory lotions and gels frequently cause rashes in users. Those who are allergic to their substances may experience more severe adverse effects, such as eczema.

Waxing and shaving both have noticeable negative effects. Aside from the pain, waxing can cause edoema and skin irritation if done incorrectly. Shaving can irritate your skin and cause injuries if done incorrectly.

These adverse effects may cause you to miss your next treatment. You don’t have to worry about any of these things with Triton. There is also no downtime, so you may sign up for another treatment immediately following the first.

Triton vs. Other Laser Hair Removal Procedures


Triton isn’t just better than standard treatments. It is also the most effective laser hair removal therapy on the market. Here are some of the reasons why Triton is the preferable procedure to use.


Number of Treatments Required

Triton’s superiority over other laser hair removal devices is demonstrated here. It is common to need 6 to 10 consultations to obtain 100% clearance on certain locations with various devices. You can receive 80% clearance with Triton in just three sessions.


It’s because Triton’s therapies employ high-powered multi-wavelength lasers. These wavelengths are effective on follicles at all stages of development. It’s a certain approach to get rid of all the hair in the region quickly.