Female Hair Transplants

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In today’s world, it’s difficult to find a woman who hasn’t experienced hair loss at some point in her life.
Hair loss in women has been attributed to internal factors such as changes in metabolic status, hormonal imbalance, seborrhic scalp, and, most importantly, nutritional deficiency, in addition to genetic changes.
Women can now benefit from hair transplants thanks to advancements in hair restoration techniques.
Dr. Adarsh is one of India’s top hair transplant surgeons. He is a Certified FUE expert and a Clinical Cosmetologist. Dr. Adarsh is an expert in FUE and DHI hair transplantation. He’s helped a lot of people regain their hair and confidence.
Our team at Sarayu Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi has completed over 400 hair transplant procedures, including beard to beard, beard to scalp, and scalp to beard. Hair restoration procedures are performed at the Sarayu Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, which uses cutting-edge technology.

Hair Transplant for Women in Delhi

Women’s hair transplants differ from men’s hair transplants in several ways. If hair loss causes unwanted changes and has a negative impact on the patient’s psychology, a female hair transplant is the best option.
Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that allows balding areas to regrow hair. When performed by an expert and board-certified hair transplant surgeon like Dr. Adarsh, a hair transplant is the most reliable option for women.

Why should you choose Sarayu Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

It is best if you choose Sarayu Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi because we are one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi. Continue reading to find out


·Well-qualified and Experienced Doctors

Dr. Adarsh and his team of hair professionals will perform a hair transplant at Sarayu Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. Dr. Adarsh is one of India’s most reputable hair transplant surgeons. Our highly trained team of hair experts will assist you in achieving the desired results with minimal effort.

·Advanced Equipment and Facility

Providing our doctors with the most advanced equipment always aids us in achieving excellent results for our clients. All of the technologies used at our Hair Transplant clinic in Delhi are safe and effective. Our hair transplant surgeons meticulously plan and execute your hair transplantation. Because of our principles for treating our patients, we stand out from other clinics.

·Cost-efficient Services

You will be treated by expert hair transplant surgeons at our Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, who will use the most up-to-date equipment and other modern amenities. Simultaneously, we keep our prices low enough that anyone can afford our services.

·Trained and Certified Staff

In every healthcare organization, doctors play an important role. However, other team members’ expertise is also necessary for more consistent service delivery. Our medical team is qualified, certified, and experienced, so you can rest assured that your hair’s future is in good hands.


Tiny injections are used to administer local anesthesia. For patient comfort, oral or twilight intravenous sedation is commonly used. During surgery, patients experience no pain or discomfort, and they rarely experience pain or discomfort during recovery. If you experience pain, you can easily manage it by taking a pain reliever. Dr. Adarsh also provides patients with detailed post-procedure recovery instructions to ensure a pain-free, quick, and easy recovery.


Dr. Adarsh will have all of the information he requires to make a treatment recommendation based on your medical review and physical exam. For patients with an overly high hairline and a flexible scalp, a hairline advancement procedure is usually recommended. Patients with female pattern baldness and/or other hair loss issues are typically recommended for a hair transplant. Medical treatment for hair loss is sometimes recommended or the first line of treatment for hair loss.

How much does a female hair transplant cost?

The cost of a female hair transplant in India is a fraction of what it costs in other developed countries. We provide the most advanced hair transplant treatments to our patients at Sarayu Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi so that anyone can benefit from them. We can assure you that we will provide you with the most cost-effective hair transplant treatment possible.

What should one expect after the hair transplant surgery?

You should see new hair growth within a few months. Most patients will notice 60% of hair regrowth after six to nine months.

What is the recovery time of a hair transplant?

Most patients can return to regular activities three to five days after the surgery. Within two to three weeks after the transplantation, the implanted hair will drop out.

Female Hair Transplant Results