Korean Facelift In Delhi

Korean face lift surgery, both surgical and nonsurgical, removes wrinkled and drooping skin around the face and neck caused by aging and tightens the muscle or skin. Face skin and drooped soft tissues are directly pulled up and fixed using this method, which extends to the front, back, and around the ears. More lifting results in a deeper and firmer lifting effect, pulling not only the skin but also the subcutaneous fat, SMAS tissue, and other tissues. Sarayu Skin Treatment Clinic’s non-surgical face lift also has a faster effect and takes less time to complete. Botox and fillers are very popular in Korea for non-surgical face lifts.

A face lift is a surgical procedure that tightens the muscles and/or skin to remove wrinkles and sagging skin in the face and neck caused by ageing. The procedure typically involves making an incision in front of, behind, and around the ear to pull the skin and sagging soft tissue in the face upwards and fix it into place. More lifting not only lifts the skin, but also the subcutaneous fat and SMAS layers, resulting in deeper and more consistent lifting effects.

Korean Face Lift Characteristics

It is critical to correctly set the areas to lift during the face lift, as well as the direction in which the areas will be lifted, to avoid an unnatural facial shape after surgery. Patients can expect satisfactory results because the surgery is performed by highly skilled specialists with Sarayu Skin Clinic’s extensive experience.

Korean Face Lift Surgery Features

Face lift Korea requires making good lifting points, with proper setting of pulling direction, to prevent unnatural face appearance after surgery. As Sarayu Skin Treatment Clinic in Delhi performs operation based on long time experience of skill medical specialists, satisfying surgery results can be assured.

  • Outstanding lifting effect – It correctly determines a maximum lifting range based on each individual’s condition and demonstrates maximum lifting effect by pulling up not only skin but also SMAS tissue and subcutaneous fat.
  • Natural facial expression – It prevents upward looking with torn eyes slanting and an unnatural expression in which the mouse looks torn to the side after surgery, as well as errors such as incorrect pulling direction and over pulling during the procedure.
  • Surgical expertise aplenty – There are no uneven skin side effects due to incorrect desquamation with this surgical procedure performed by a skilled specialist with extensive surgical experience, and a satisfactory result can be achieved.
  • The Non-Surgical Facelift results in skin that is firmer, fresher, and younger looking. It helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles by tightening facial muscles.
  • Many people choose a non-surgical face lift or a face lift that does not require surgery.
  • Botox and Dermal Filler are two of the most popular nonsurgical face lift treatments.

Korean Face Lift Surgery is most effective for:

  • Drooped skin due to less elasticity
  • Drooped skin on cheek
  • Bigger looking face due to dropped thin and double chin
  • Looking aged because of severe drooping of nose side winkles

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Korean Facelift Procedure?

  • In the case where the skin has become loose due to diminished elasticity in the skin
  • In the case where the skin in the cheeks is stretched out and loose
  • In the case where the skin under the chin is sagging causing the face to appear larger creating a double chin
  • In the case where the lines beside the nose are sagging causing one to appear older

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